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Benedict Cumberbatch reveals his ideal Ophelia for Barbican Hamlet?

Talking to Yahoo Movies, the Sherlock star suggested who he'd like to play opposite in his much anticipated Hamlet next year
Arguably one of the most anticipated productions of 2̶0̶1̶5̶ the decade, it's fair to say that Benedict Cumberbatch's turn as the Prince of Denmark at the Barbican Centre next year is creating a lot of buzz at the moment. So when Hollywood actress Jessica Chastain recently mentioned she'd like to play Ophelia the internet went into meltdown.

Talking to Yahoo Movies, Chastain said: "I always thought I'd play Ophelia. And it's probably not now in my future…it's a strange thing for theatre with actresses, because you kind of grow away from a role."

However the Zero Dark Thirty actress, who played Desdemona in a production of Othello in 2009, needn't worry about age. When told about her ambition to play the role, Mssr Cumberbatch replied with excitement ""She's terrific! She can come and join our party if she wants... She hasn't aged out of our production. I'm an older Hamlet, and we can all be contemporaries in the young world of that play... I don't think it's an age thing, Jess. It would be lovely for us!"
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