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Я только при втором просмотре поймала, слоупок(

As Morse and his colleagues are looking at the sheet music of Rimsky-Korsakov's opera as part of their investigation, the name of the composer in Russian is misspelled on the cover page. The title of the opera is misleading as well: it reads Snezhnaya Koroleva, which means Snow Queen in Russian. However, the real title of the opera is Snegurochka - Vesennyaya Skazka. Snegurochka, correctly referred to as such by Morse, is a Russian fairy tale character that has nothing whatsoever in common with a Snow Queen (no such character exists in Russian folklore, by the way). The opera's title is habitually translated into English as The Snow Maiden - A Spring Fairy Tale
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    Все, не могу больше, напишу. Без паролей и явок, персоналии, возможно, узнаваемы. Мне мешают читать текст (особенно не болтовню/лытдыбр, а научпоп, к…

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    Почему, почему люди не читают, что им пишут? Отлистать вниз письмо, в котором еще два месяца назад указан адрес, по которому надо выслать документы -…

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