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Ха, оказывается, я правильно поняла, почему именно эта сцена именно в этом месте))


What were you trying to do with that last sequence of vistas going back over all the places we’d been with Marty and Rust?

Well, it’s the kind of problem-solving you do when you’re editing. There’s a 25-minute sequence that takes place in the hospital at the end, and it was hard to gauge time in there. It’s one scene after another took place in there. I felt like we needed some kind of break to allow the time jump from their conversation in the hospital to their final conversation outside at night. The only thing I could think of in terms of what we had was to revisit places that were important to the story itself of the characters.

Фукунага, тренируйся дальше, а то слишком явно вышло)
Tags: fukunaga, true detective, интервью

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