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Roger that The use of the word in radio communication to mean "yes, I understand" is attested from 1941, from the U.S. military phonetic alphabet word for the letter -R-, in this case an abbreviation for "received."
Roger so far? Over.
copy that I have received your last transmission satisfactorily, radio check is loud and clear. Romeo has the same meaning but is used mainly in Australian Maritime Operations.
For Maritime VHF Copy does not mean the same as Roger or Received. It is used when communications between 2 other stations which includes information for your station that has been overheard and received satisfactorily.
Foxtrot (Tango) Whiskey если кратко,то wtf
Trunk Line In computer networking, port trunking refers to the use of multiple network connections in parallel to increase the link speed beyond the limits of any one single cable or port. This is called link aggregation. These aggregated links may be used to interconnect switches or to connect high-capacity servers to a network.
статья в вики - официальные термины в радиопереговорах
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