Dean Winchester or Lonely Rider (inkakris) wrote,
Dean Winchester or Lonely Rider

Серия закулисных фото от Мэтта Хамфри

Рэйф Файнс, Ричард III, Алмейда, 2016

Джесси Айзенберг (и не только),The Spoils, Trafalgar Studios 2016

Джон Гудман, American Buffalo, Wyndham's Theatre, 2015

Mark Strong, A View From The Bridge, Wyndham's Theatre 2015

Kit Harington, Doctor Faustus, Duke Of York's Theatre, 2015

David Suchet, The Importance Of Being Earnest, Vaudeville Theatre, 2015.

Tags: almeida, david suchet, fiennes, jesse eisenberg, mark strong, richard iii, trafalgar studios, театр

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