Dean Winchester or Lonely Rider (inkakris) wrote,
Dean Winchester or Lonely Rider

"Один день" Розали Крейг (пресс-найт "Как вам это понравится")

No day can ever begin without a cup of tea! And I need it even more on the morning of our press night.

I am obsessed with fitness and so it's off to reformer Pilates before heading into work.

Get into work and have to have a little look round the bookshop. I think I must spend all my wages in here! (Это к сувениры)

Patsy and Joe backstage as stage management try to fix bits of the scenery. It's time to work some notes on stage before we start getting ready for our press night.

Sneaky shot from the wings at some of the cast on stage working notes in our brilliant set.

Our Forest of Arden.

Actors hard at work on the Olivier stage.

Patsy [Ferran] and I getting nervous as the clock ticks nearer to curtain up time!

Pop by stage door to the see the legends and pick up some press night goodies!

Oooooooh look at those blooms!!!

Time to start getting ready. Eeeeek.

No press night is complete without the tradition of everyone banging on their dressing room windows before the show starts. Here we go!

Aaaaaaaaaaand relax!!!!!!

Все честно взято с сайта
К сожалению, из-за недостатка времени, я не перевела подписи к фотографиям, хотя и хотела.
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